A Historic Super Bowl

Theo Goodman
6 min readJan 31, 2023

Nobody cares about your blockchain app because it doesn’t have a frog and you can not bet on anything-

Image from Rarepepewallet the week of Super Bowl LI

It is that time of the year yet again. The time of the year when millions upon millions watch the spectacle of men in armor. Men in armor smashing heads into one another for hours on end with constant commercial breaks. The time of year when copious amounts of chicken wings, cans of beer, and pure Merica junk food are consumed at new all-time highs. The time of year in which any and all that want to bet on something decide that this is the day to do so, this is the day that they will place a bet on a game, a game of skill, a game of territory, the game of AMERICA! IT IS TIME FOR THE SUPER BOWL!

We all thought Atlanta was going to win

In the dark ages of the 2016–17 season sports betting in the Merica was on the rise yet still not readily available for the pleb masses. In order to have action on the game one needed to travel to Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or use an “Offshore” Sportsbook. Many sportsbooks located offshore had by then caught on to bitcoin and supported deposits and withdraws as it had a huge advantage to using the legacy payment rails and the local bookie systems. This shows yet another example as the unserviced are often early to adapt cryptocurrency in a use case. The basic human needs of Drugs, Sex, and Gambling were easily met by using bitcoin, long before talk of an ETF, long before Robin Wood added Doge trading, and long before the term “NFT” existed in the scary dark underworld of shady deals was widespread with bitcoin use, the true innovators were located here and to them, we owe gratitude for paving the path of debauchery and enjooooyyyment.


The Counterparty founders understood the power of betting and thus included a BET function in the protocol itself. To this day it is there, however, due to the somewhat cumbersome use and lack of a fancy front end, it never took off. However, with the advent of a new beginning, the dawn spawned RAREPEPE out of the darkness. Lord KEK sang truth out of the darkness and granted us with the true, pure, and fundamental use case for blockchain technology. The creation, collection, and hoarding of frog pictures. No longer were blockchain tokens used for “Utility Tokens” such as Dental Coin, instead, they had a REAL use case, RAREPEPE! Why not simply combine the memetic power of the human need to collect things and bring them back to the cave with the inherent need for humans to try and predict the outcome of a future that they do not control, and thus it was so.

The person using the computer is betting on the superbowl using pepecash

The underdog Atlanta Falcons faced the loved and hated always-winning New England Patriots, the moment was seized and out of bites and bits two tokens were created using a magic spell of bitcoin, frogs, and gambling. These two tokens had the names SUPERBOWLFAL and SUPERBOWLPAT. Each included the simple message “if pats win worth 2000 pepecash” and “falcons win then worth 2000 pepecash” and the two tokens were put up for sale on the DEX at a price to reflect the odds. In order to make things easier a simple front end was added to the legendary RAREPEPEWALLET to make betting easier. You could buy the tokens on the DEX and the sell wall was pulled after the last note of the national anthem was sung by Lady Gaga.

The Degen is strong here

There was some trust involved. Who would pay out the 2000 pepecash if I won? At the end of the game a Buy wall for the amount of sold tokens was put up for the winning team was to be put up on the DEX. This means after the game if your token was of the winning team you would simply sell it on the DEX, if you had the losing team then you can hold on to your losing token, and maybe someday it will become a collectible…………

Patriots won, again


Not only did this allow for betting, but also -in play- betting during the game! Of course, anyone could at anytime sell their tokens on the open market via the DEX. At halftime, the Falcons were up 21–3 and many started to dump their SUPERBOWLPAT tokens on the DEX, and they had buyers! Real in-play bets were happening, on the blockchain, in front of our eyes all fueled by frog pictures! As many know the Patriots came back to win the game 28–34 in the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history, and RAREPEPE was part of this history.

Some of the historical trades of the token SUPERBOWLPAT

Only 1,000,000,000 of each token was minted, due to the extreme supply that was left I decided to destroy most of them. I destroyed (fancy burning), so that there are 100 of each left in my wallet as this is written. There is already a distribution of each token as there are people with both SUPERBOWLPAT and SUPERBOWLFAL. The current supply of SUPERBOWLPAT is 122 and SUPERBOWLFAL 136. This means that 22 winning SUPERBOWLPAT tokens were not sold for PEPECASH and that 36 SUPERBOWLFAL tokens are with the people that lost their bet.

Did aliens air drop the concept of pepe and kek onto the earth to see what we do?

Now I have put up some dispensers for the two HISTORIC tokens SUPERBOWLFAL and SUPERBOWLPAT. You can now own a moment of time, a moment of pure Merica combined with RAREPEPE and Gambling. What more can you want?



(if you do not understand how to use dispensers get in touch with me)

What can we learn from this?

Humans like to gamble and collect things to bring back to their cave in order to share and show their clan. This experiment in betting on the Super Bowl was an example of how you need something fun that people can identify with in order to use technology. Just having better technology is far from enough. You need to seize the memes of production, and when you are able to cast such a spell the truth is shown.




I have written in the past about the Superbowl if this was not enough, it never is, so have a read here and here and here


Other than destroying a large part of the supply the tokens are in mint condition. There has been no change to them, no image added no extra text just the orginal “falcons win then worth 2000 pepecash” and “falcons win then worth 2000 pepecash”. There have been no sales of the tokens since the 2017 Super Bowl, at least by my part.


In 2014 someone had a very simmilar idea, I didnt know about it. However nobody bought the tokens. Read about it here on bitcointalk.

There was no rake or vig taken on the bets, it was done as a real-life use case of blockchain technology fueled by the memetic power of RAREPEPE, and it need I say, helped fuel the fomo.

Post Scriptum

I am more than willing to discuss any and everything on a voice or video livestream with neutral third party host, I have taken part in hundreds of youtube panels, countless real-life panels and informal discussion, ask around. If one would like to see the references of said panels I am more than willing to reference them as to provide evidence to be reassuring to anyone potentially involved that I do indeed debate in good faith.

The power of Zeus — The fury of Hades,

Theo Goodman