Who cares about the Super Bowl?

Theo Goodman
6 min readJan 17, 2021


We can try to remember how to settle our differences with honor, on a field of play and not a field of battle

A new year has started and with it division, divisiveness and bitcoin have pumped to new all time highs. Among the calls for justice, election recounts, and attempted putsches the colosseum calls us all. It calls us to pay attention to the spectacle, one where it does not matter who you are but only how you play. As the armor is put on by the brave millionaires that have suffered many concussions, the plebeians and aristocrats alike gather in the stands and at home to celebrate the game of the year. Many of varying political directions joined together for four times 15 minutes (with plenty of commercial interruption)to support their team. For this segment of time, the tribal human drum is beat, and we can try to remember how to play. We can try to remember how to settle our differences with honor, on a field of play and not a field of battle. The time has come yet again, for the spectacle of, Super Bowl LV.

Skin in the game in the age of social distancing

Boomer Remover or True Fan?

Who cares about the Super Bowl? A primitive game, a game that many Europeans look at as stealing the name of their beloved football. Who cares about a game that could be played without pads, metal helmets, and armor, why don’t they just play rugby like real men? Who cares about this low-level tribal spectacle? More people than ever before, let me tell you, sir and madam. Not only are people stuck at home, for the most part, but they are also stuck at home with the ability to bet on the Super Bowl. People are more equipped to bet on the Super Bowl than ever before. The liberalization of betting laws in many US states has opened the gates for legal betting for much of the USA while at the same time the traditional offshore sportsbooks are busier than ever and on top of that, the ever-spreading virus of bitcoin is the perfect rails for this rapid growth. Who cares about this game? Maybe some of the people that are expected to bet over 7 BILLION DOLLARS ON ONE GAME. Yes, a few of them might care about the game.

“Last year we had close to $1.5m in bets across all markets. However our sportsbook product was relatively new.

This year, given the recent surge in online betting and the current volume during the playoffs, we’d expect no less than $10m” —Eddie Miroslav Stake.com

How do I bet on the Super Bowl?

If you need help betting, just give me a call

There are a lot of ways to bet on the Super Bowl but before we get into that here comes the standard disclaimer, research the laws in your jurisdiction, geolocation, place in the universe regarding sports betting, I do not encourage you to break any laws. Now we can get down to the betting.

Going to have to be online this time around

The simplest way to bet on the Super Bowl is to use an online Sportsbook. You simply make an account and then deposit funds, and BAAM you are ready to go. The question on how to deposit is going to be one of the main questions and I encourage you to go ahead and make an account at a sportsbook now if you are thinking of using one rather than one hour before kickoff. There is a wide range of deposit methods depending on where you and the sportsbook are located. Bitcoin is by far the best option because you are very flexible about where you can bet. Now and days there are a lot of sportsbooks that accept bitcoin. Of course, you need to have bitcoin already in order to deposit it, you could buy some or use another method of deposit for example the ancient method of credit card which some places take, or if you are in Europe maybe Skrill is an option. A few places that take bitcoin and have good odds are: Stake and Fairlay a place that takes both bitcoin and credit cards: Betonline , if you need to buy bitcoin check out this article: https://degenbet.com/where-to-buy-bitcoin/

What do I bet on?

A few options indeed

As with many spectacles, there are many things to bet on or against. The Super Bowl is one of the, if not the biggest betting event of the year and it also has one of the largest lists of things to bet on. Not only can you bet on the game but you can bet on things such as how long the National Anthem will be, if the coin flip will be heads or tails, or what the commentators comment about. To get an overview of how to bet on the Super Bowl check out this article: https://degenbet.com/betting-guide-2/

Decentralized Prediction Market Blockchain something

Did you say blockchain?

If you are too cool to bet at a “centralized” sportsbook, then yes, there are options for you too! You can check out Wagerr who solved the liquidity issue that I in part describe here by minting Wagerr tokens for the winning bets and burning tokens when there are losing bets. Still you have to use the native Wagerr token which can lead to liquidity issues with on and off ramps, that being said they do have some good odds. You can also check out Augur or any number of other prediction markets but beware, many are still complicated to use and might lack transparency and liquidity. These issues are being addressed by Royale Finance and in the future will allow more transparent sportsbooks and casinos to get liquidity without having to borrow from the old guard at predatory rates. Maybe in the future, we will all be betting in our own mini DAOs based on the Finance.Vote quadratic voting protocol, or maybe most of us will still be lazy and prefer the good old online sportsbook.

A Divorced Quarterback gets a chance to bring it home

Can you spot the difference?

We will know in a few hours if the final plot twist has a chance at all. The loved and hated Tom Brady is no longer with the New England Patriots. He is with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and where is the Super Bowl LV played this year? Tampa Bay. Not only does Tom Brady have a chance to show that not only can he win, more than one, Super Bowl with the help of the NFL´s version of Emperor Palpatine in Bill Belichick, but he also has the chance to win a Super Bowl in a home stadium, this has never happened before. Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers face the New Orleans Saints in only a few hours after this is published they are a three-point underdog.

Have we forgotten how to play?

Do we really want a Civil War?

We as humans are more productive and maybe also more destructive than ever before. In order to find our balance, to understand each other, that we all bleed, that on the field of play we all run, sweat, fall and hurt. The game is a display of our human condition, yes indeed it is a highly commercialized spectacle of our human condition, one that still reminds us of who we are, while we bet on it, eat massive amounts of junk food and make youtube videos of the Illuminati’s messages during the halftime show.

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Hail to the Washington Football Team