We are our own martyrs

In darkness, what is the truth?
My paintbrush is better than yours! Well, my frame is the only legit frame that there is!

All I wanted to do is NFT

Self isolation, NFT style

My tools are better than yours

Remix of the Remix of the Merited Remix

selfdestruct" or "function pause() external onlyCLevel whenNotPaused {
paused = true;
}” but it is all on chain bro!

Got any more of that Betamax?

got any of those NFTs?

“Any serious collector” is the new “pump my bags”


Where are the limited resources?

The letter C can sound like “K” or “S”

Who Cares?




The power of Zeus — The fury of Hades

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Theo Goodman

Theo Goodman

The power of Zeus — The fury of Hades

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