Theo Goodman
2 min readSep 18, 2021

SEPTEMBER 25th 2359 CET 1800 EST

ITPEPE just in time for Halloween

As the NFT market continues to crowd itself with profile picture avatar generative derivative of the week, there are a growing number of people that have asked questions. How did we get here? While still many are asking „wat floor“ and try to repeat the sheepish beta follow the influencer to nonrekt NFT flipping many learn new blockchain Jedi skills along the way, or not.

Memorychain card “RAMEN SoG” by artist Kassy (2017)

Yahoo: RAREPEPE NFT sells for $500k as Sotheby’s tease potential auction

This transformative journey that starts with the question around how to ape into RAREPEPE is met with what is for many, high friction and for others the long self-evident truth. That is that there has been an active DEX on top of the bitcoin blockchain for years and the development of counterparty itself inspired Ethereum, but many still ask, „sir how ape?“.


Coin Desk: ‘Rare Pepe’ Steeped in Bitcoin History Fetches $500K on NFT Market OpenSea

When dusting off the crates of the dispensers that dispense vintage dank rareness of not only RAREPEPE but other artifacts such as Spells of Genesis, Memory Chain, Bitcorn Crops, and Mafia Wars these old relics of another era become an addictive treasure hunt of which there is no turning back. The history of events such as the blocksize wars, the dao hack or the 2016 election, and the history of crypto itself is embedded into these blockchain collectibles forever. These modern cave paintings tell stories that will not be forgotten. The question remains, are you a serious collector?


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