THEOS — The World Computer Collectable


In the current state of world chaos, full of sushi dev fund dumps, yield farming four-course meals, and Bitcoin maximalist STOs arise out of the chaos a new order. The order of the world computer collectible. The nonfungible semi fungible TRC20 immutable truth that is stronger than a stone tablet yet faster than the speed of light and without all the gas, the smelly kind, one collected while yield farming diverse junk food. Onward to the whitepaper, or should I say blockpaper, block paper rocks? Yet here we are and the world computer just keeps on going.

This time it is different


No longer will complaints of Ethereum gas pain be heard, as we have a solution. Tron solves this, (use this link to buy Tron and get 5$ free if you spend 100$ no KYC!)the gas relief you were looking for with all the turning completeness, uhh I mean Theo- completeness that you needed, and more! You can not only collect all 26 THEOS but if you have only 1 THEOS and 1 TRX you can take part in the first-ever, TRC20 NFT AUTOMATIC MARKET MAKER LIQUIDITY POOL (at, in the future we will call this NFTAMMLQ for short. Yes indeed, this time it is different.

Read my whitepaper, I am sure you will enjoy it

Read the white paper here

A few quotes from the whitepaper since we all know that you will not read such high-level academia since you are too busy shitcoin farming and blocklisting. In any case here are some of the few important parts.

THEOS is a TRC20 Token

THEOS total supply is 26

THEOS is not divisible

THEOS is not an investment

THEOS is a collectible

THEOS is better than EOS

THEOS will not be swapped for anything

THEOS grants access to an elite telegram chat

THEOS is the first-ever TRC20 NFT Blockchain Collectable with Automatic Market Making Liquidity Pool also known as NFTAMMLP

Sir when ICO?


There is no ICO. You can look on the decentralized exchange JustSwap and see if there are any THEOS for sale. If you have some TRX and some THEOS you can take part in the Liquidity Pool (NFTAMMLP) and earn TRX and THEOS*. You need a TRONLINK wallet which is the future in blockchain technology.

*not investment advice note “can”

A historic blockchain document of time

NFTs are the stone tablets of blockchains

This is your chance to be part of history. THEOS is a historical document of blockchain history, immutable history, the world computer of history. NFTs have proceeded every major bull run in recent history, but did you notice?

not investment advice

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