Theo Goodman
3 min readMar 13, 2021


To be auctioned:

This is the first of all SoG cards! THE FIRST NFT EVER!

Foldingcoin participants earned these FDCARD by merged folding starting in March 2015 until May when all 300 were “mined” and distributed proportionally to the work units completed by participants who ran the Folding at Home model to help find cures for cancer, Alzheimer, diabetes etc

FD card is the healing Formula

FDCARD merged folding announcement (2015)

Recent sales:0.33940887 BTC

Vintage Spells of Genesis NFT

NFT live auction set to auction rare vintage NFTs. With the sales in the millions for cryptopunks, cryptocats and Beeple´s work selling for over $69 Million, NFTs are making headlines. There is a new search for early NFTs and many are discovering the truth, that NFTs started on the bitcoin blockchain, not Ethereum. On March 20th there will be a live auction in telegram messenger of some of these rarities, but the auctioneer Theo Goodman is inclusive, NFTs on other blockchains are also up for auction as well.

Going Once, Going Twice, Going Three times, SOLD….

Live bids in telegram chat

What do live auctions have to do with NFTs? The first NFT live auction was held in the Rarepepe Telegram chat in September 2016. They caught on and were held almost every few weeks for a few months. This was a catalyst for price discovery and added newfound liquidity to the RAREPEPE NFT market. The auctions were an event that people wanted to be a part of. Fast forward to the first-ever in-person NFT event RAREAF in NYC, the legendary Homerpepe was sold for over $30,000 USD which made it the first headline NFT sale ever. Homerpepe recently sold for over $300,000 as a new interest for vintage NFTs pulsates through the market. This coming March 20th, there will be vintage NFTs such as RAREPEPE card 1 series 1; PEPEKACHU; Bitcorn Jesus; and Spells Of Genesis — Satoshi Lite, made in honor of Litecoin creator Charlie Lee. Auctioneer Theo Goodman will be hosting in telegram chat and voice.


The Legend Continues….

Recently the NFT community lost a legend, John Villar. He suddenly passed away at the age of 42. Not only was John always a kind humble person, but he was also key to the development of the counterparty protocol and arguably without his work, the current NFT hype would not be. In honor of John, there will be NFTs auctioned with the proceeds going to his family and there will also be a ritualistic NFT burning at the start of the auction where people can send their NFT in the blockchain fire forever at this address: 1JohnViLLARchiguireitorxxxxwhsz7P.


Join Us
Come one, come all, to the NFT live auction! Many deals to be had, much homage to give. An event for the speculator, an event for the spectator, the auction a spectacle for the few, a spectacle for the masses. Let us pour one out and throw a rare one on the blockchain fire in the honor of the legend John Villar. To the freedom of transaction! To blockchain eternity and beyond!


Bitcorn Jesus is part of the blockchain NFT game