Theo Goodman
4 min readMar 29, 2021

This weekend on April 3 there is another NFT LIVE AUCTION. The auction has many lots of vintage NFTs and a legendary Casacius Coin (Lot 40). Join us at 2300 CET / 1800 EST in telegram and bid on the coin some Rarepepe, Spells of Genesis, Force of Will, or other rarities from the 2015–2017 era.

The 25 BTC Casacius and the Non-Fungbility of Bitcoin

25 BTC Gold Plated

The most iconic bitcoin collectible is without a doubt the Casacius coin. Seen in countless media articles and sought after in the deep dungeons of bitcointalk forum threads, while the Casacius is not the first crypto collectible, the 2011 edition is one of the earliest bitcoin artifacts out there. Here is a link to this coin on the Casacius tracker:

Is the Casacius Coin an NFT?
Of the remaining 228 unredeemed Version 2 coins, only 29 coins with the 2011 date were funded in 2011 (the date on the front of the coin). As of March 2021, only 18 of these 29 coins remain funded and unopened, making these some of the rarest Casascius coins in existence.

The bitcoin loaded on the coin is from 2011 and it has not moved since. This bitcoin is by today´s standards antique, but does it matter? The market says it does. There is a premium on coins that are loaded with bitcoin from the same year as the coin, 2011 bitcoin on a coin with the year 2011 on it and this is not true for all coins. Bitcoin China made a collectible of entire blocks that are mined, these virgin coins have never been transacted and fetch a premium on the market, so is bitcoin fungible, all bitcoin created equal, interchangeable, and of the same value, or is there a premium on some units of bitcoin, as an NFT the provenance of the bitcoin, and all the times it is divided, can be tracked through history.This is the particular bitcoin in question. This weekend you can bid on a unique historical collectible that does not come up for sale that often.


Also up for auction are a wide range of vintage NFTs including some dank Rarepepe. The simple genius of the Pepmondrian needs no more comment. The story of the FROGBUS a one of a kind mode of transport and the first-ever NFT Shoes in Pepelou AND Pepeloux. As well as the first-ever animated NFT created UFO Pepe. These works are an example of the creativity that was key to Rarepepe. These are not simply the same frogs “copied” but entirely new concepts and takes on pepe the frog.

The first animated NFT ever

Lot 12 — “This Spells Of Genesis card represents the battle for bitcoin blocksize that eventually led to the chain split between bitcoin and bitcoin cash. The picture depicts allegorically some of the famous people of the bitcoin scene at that time.
“When I posted this card was posted on reddit I got shadow banned (from r/bitcoin reddit where the policy was to ban any post mentioning blocksize.” Shaban Spells of Genesis.
This card is a witness of that incredible time and is a document of bitcoin history. Inspect:

The scaling wars

But that is not all!

This is just a small selection of what is up for auction. You can view the full list here. In order to bid on any item, you will need to register and join the auction telegram group. Join to bid on some vintage NFTs or join just to witness the action. There will be bidding in the telegram chat and the auctioneer will call out all bids on voice directly in the telegram chat. Are you a serious collector?

April 3 2300 CET 1800 EST >>