Tokenizing Twitter, it’s so hot right now

Nili, Tokenizing Twitter since 2014

The grand scheme

The token iTwitter is not simply a tokenized tweet but a whole concept that Nilli has now outlined in a more detailed whitepaper. Up for auction is 1 iTwitter from 2014, a rare vintage piece that gives birth to the concept we know today of tokenizing tweets. The winner of the 1 iTwitter will also get a tokenized tweet via a subasset a token minted from the same address as iTwitter with the name itwitter. (your twitter username). This would then link the 2014 asset iTwitter with a 2021 twitter account and be the first-ever tokenized tweet from this vintage blockchain art token. Read more about Nilli and her art here and the blockchain talk thread here

“fuck your mother if you want to fuck” the quote of the blocksize limit debate and fork wars
Too many lots to mention here, check out NFT LOTS to inspect the collection, it is important
First ever secondary market live auciton of a .yat
Maybe the first ever NFT sports collectable
Lord KEK
PEPBOT -physical object with opendime and NFT



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