I need to update this article or just write a new one since it is even easier than my thoughts in 2018 to get around royalties. 1. Yes if you gave them your passphrase to an ETH wallet like metamask then they would have everything in it. However each public address as a private key that goes with it, this would be the key that you would share in the example. It is more apparent in bitcoin wallets for example using counterparty tokens than in something like metamask that ossifys away things like this and thus, people dont learn about them. 2. 10% taken out has the exact same effect as "on top" the 10% is priced in and 10% inflated. Both buyers and sellers have an economic incentive to get around this royalty and given the nature of how blockchain and tokens work, they always will be able to.


The power of Zeus — The fury of Hades

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