How to create NFTs on the bitcoin blockchain

When one says “THE” blockchain, one asumes the bitcoin blockchain
would you like to store your lambo on the bitcoin blockchain or one that forks every 2 years?
press create new wallet
Here is the scary part, make sure to put your passphrase somewhere safe, if you lose it, then your tokens are gone forever.
  • Click “Address Actions”
  • Tick “Free numeric name”
  • Enter Quanity 1
  • !!! UNTICK the box Make Divisable ?
  • Now you can use the slider to adjust the bitcoin network fee
BOOM, the token has been created now just wait for the bitcoin network to confirm the transaction
You can check your pending actions to get an update on the token creation
Now an IMPORTANT final step, LOCK the token so that there will always and forever only be ONE




The power of Zeus — The fury of Hades

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Theo Goodman

Theo Goodman

The power of Zeus — The fury of Hades

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