How to bet on Election 2020

As riots burn, COVID infects, and stocks pump the 2020 presidential election is just around the corner. Are you going to rage on Twitter, Facebook, and social media for the rest of the year or are you going to take this opportunity to make some money? You might not like either candidate, you might think that one of them is the new Pol Pot, Mao, or the next one that should not be named. This can all be true and you will sleep better at night if you simply bet on the election.

Don´t sleep on your chance to bet on Election 2020

The following sites take bets on Election 2020

Bitcoin and Crypto only



Bitcoin, Crypto and Credit Card*


Sports Betting AG


*these sites may ask you to KYC on withdrawal

You will find the bets on the election under the politics or entertainment sections of each site

Need a VPN? Try Mullvad

Trump and betting, what could go wrong?

Sir, Why should I bet on the election?

To make money. When massive amounts of people are butthurt, then typically that is a time when over emotional decisions are made and it is time to make money. Objective thought is thrown out the window and markets, including betting markets become inefficient, this means that the odds are priced wrong because people are betting stupid. It does not mean that you will automatically win, it means that it is worth the risk. The question is, what risk do you take, who do you bet on, Trump or Biden? Even the mention of either one or both of these names has with high likelihood got your blood flowing, take a breath, and get ready to make some money.

anything is possible…..

Why Trump is the only bet to make

If you are trying to figure out who is going to win, then you might have noticed that it is a closer race than the polls and media might have you to believe. Without getting into the details of statistical arbitrage quantum physics take the simple coin flip test. Do you think that it is about a coinflip that Trump or Biden wins? If the answer is yes then Trump at 2.30 is offering 30 cents of value. This is a very oversimplified way to look at the odds so all you betting experts go ahead and tell us that you know better in the comments below, same for math professors and other internet keyboard warriors. Nobody can deny, it is close, and the odds are saying that Biden is a pretty clear favorite, then bet on Trump.

Where there is butthurt, there is money to be made

Do you hate Trump? Do you think the world is going to end, WWIII and the US Civil war II will start if he is elected. Do you think that Putian will raise the USSR flag if Trump is elected, then bet on Trump. You now bought an insurance plan on Trump winning. Trump wins, you get paid, Trump loses, you are happy and the world is fine. Hedge your politics and bet on Trump. Of course, Trump supporters could do the same for Biden, it is just that the odds are much worse in this case, meaning the insurance plan is more expensive.


WTF do these odds mean???

Don’t get confused by the odds. If the odds are in decimal then think of it as the following: 2.00 means risk 100$ win 100$ so 1.90 means risk 100$ to win 90$ and 2.90 means risk 100$ to win 190$. If the odds are “American” then it is always how much you need to bet to win 100$ for example -110 means bet 110$ to win 100$ or +200 means bet 100$ to win 200$. This does not mean you have to bet 100$ or increments of 100$ it is just a way to look at the odds.

*This article is in no way investment advice or an endorsement to break any laws in your current geo-location.

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