BetU- The next step forward in Sports Betting or just another Token?

New made doge millionares want to place 20 leg parlays

Sharps and Punters are not always welcome

Even losing punters are not wanted, maybe he didnt lose enough?


Can I make a 50k USD bet? Not enough liquidity you say?

Markets crave liquidity as Humans water

If you parlay, They will come….

Parlays and Teasers

Paddy Power and Betfair are owned by Flutter Plc one of the companies that BetU wants to displace, is simply using their odds how you do that?


Live betting is fun, and can offer more inefficiencies for the sharp bettor to take advantage of

Live Betting

BetU tokens are not to be mistaken for Chuck E Chease tokens, no pizza can be purchased with BetU tokens!

Yes, there is a TOKEN

The oracle of Delphi could not be bribed

Bribe the Oracles

At the sportsbook or at home, there will be bets placed




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