Is the Wu Tang Album the first Music NFT?

As the walls shake from the bass and the horns of the speakers shoot out the treble, there is frantic bidding at the upcoming May 15th NFT auction.

This is not the typical NFT Drop showcase that has flooded the market,

this is one of the first Music-focused NFT live auctions ever.

While art and collectibles have taken center stage in the nonfungible explosion, underneath this can be found the waves in the undercurrent which have been growing the emergence of a new breed of NFT, the kind that shakes your booty.

Join us on May 15th at the live…




You can inspect the lots of the next auction here:

//May 1st Opensea RaRa
Submission and bidder registration:

It is time for another live auction this time around using the new auction app RaRa. For now, the requirement to use the new RaRa technology is that the NFT has to have an opensea link. This has begged the question “How do I list a counterparty asset (bitcoin blockchain) on opensea”. Opensea if you are reading this the answer is simple, finally…

I need to update this article or just write a new one since it is even easier than my thoughts in 2018 to get around royalties. 1. Yes if you gave them your passphrase to an ETH wallet like metamask then they would have everything in it. However each public address as a private key that goes with it, this would be the key that you would share in the example. It is more apparent in bitcoin wallets for example using counterparty tokens than in something like metamask that ossifys away things like this and thus, people dont learn about them. 2. 10% taken out has the exact same effect as "on top" the 10% is priced in and 10% inflated. Both buyers and sellers have an economic incentive to get around this royalty and given the nature of how blockchain and tokens work, they always will be able to.




It is time for another auction and this time around we are connecting old with new, vintage with freshly minted 2014 with 2021. Join us as we take a hyper-speed journey into the realm of artistic experimentation, risk-taking, blockchain collectible hoarding, and fine art curation. The event draws near as the sellers and buyers are equally nervous, will their lot sell? Will their timestamp in blockchain eternity be deemed valuable or will it be passed…

This weekend on April 3 there is another NFT LIVE AUCTION. The auction has many lots of vintage NFTs and a legendary Casacius Coin (Lot 40). Join us at 2300 CET / 1800 EST in telegram and bid on the coin some Rarepepe, Spells of Genesis, Force of Will, or other rarities from the 2015–2017 era.

The 25 BTC Casacius and the Non-Fungbility of Bitcoin

25 BTC Gold Plated

The most iconic bitcoin collectible is without a doubt the Casacius coin. Seen in countless media articles and sought after in the deep dungeons of bitcointalk forum threads, while the Casacius is not the first crypto collectible, the 2011 edition is one of…

The whitepaper launch was a massive success, getting approval with from Bitcore developers and causing Nym to be followed by none other than Jack Dorsey! Now, the new testnet is getting ready to be launched, and the cap on mixnodes removed.

The NYM Whitepaper is out!

When humans fell from the trees they looked to the ground and collected items. The stick was the first tool used by the human. A simple stick can be used to kill an animal to eat, kill another human or draw a picture in the dirt. Which of these utilities was the first we do not know, however, we do know that the human urge to collect items has followed us to the digital.

“man discovers fire” right click if ya want, but you cant copy this NFT

As the parabolic growth of non-fungible token fanaticism explodes upon itself and then explodes again in many people’s brains, there are repeated arguments that need some…


To be auctioned:

This is the first of all SoG cards! THE FIRST NFT EVER!

Foldingcoin participants earned these FDCARD by merged folding starting in March 2015 until May when all 300 were “mined” and distributed proportionally to the work units completed by participants who ran the Folding at Home model to help find cures for cancer, Alzheimer, diabetes etc

FD card is the healing Formula

FDCARD merged folding announcement (2015)

Recent sales:0.33940887 BTC

Forward: This was originally posted on but I have since decided to use medium for blogposts. A discussion stemmed from a post I made on the horrid social network Linkedin where I linked to a mainstream publication talking about the war on paper cash and the introduction of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). Since I was not supportive of CBDC and in general am sceptical of people helping the banks create a censorible money I was then accused of being a Trump supporter and leading people to bet on Trump and losing their money. I would love to be…

We can try to remember how to settle our differences with honor, on a field of play and not a field of battle

A new year has started and with it division, divisiveness and bitcoin have pumped to new all time highs. Among the calls for justice, election recounts, and attempted putsches the colosseum calls us all. It calls us to pay attention to the spectacle, one where it does not matter who you are but only how you play. As the armor is put on by the brave millionaires that have suffered many concussions, the plebeians and aristocrats alike gather in the stands and at home to celebrate the game of the year. Many of varying political directions joined together for four…

Theo Goodman

The power of Zeus — The fury of Hades

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